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Best New Business - Phoenix Theatres Northtowne Mall

Phoenix Theatres is a Michigan based company that opened its first Detroit-area theatre in 2001 and currently operates 7 theatres, with the introduction of Northtowne marking their 59th theatre screen. The Phoenix Theatres Northtowne Mall location provides the greater Defiance

community with premium cinema amenities featuring both Dolby ATMOS and Christie Digital auditoriums, with fully reclining heated seats for every guest in every auditorium throughout the theatre. Highlights in Northtowne include: 2 Dolby ATMOS equipped theatres; 42 Dolby Speakers throughout each ATMOS auditorium, including overhead; Fully Digital Dolby processors & amplifiers; and 35,200 total watts of amplification. The newly designed entrance, complete with new signage and classic marquee lamps, leads into a large open lobby with full concessions.

Article & photos courtesy of Phoenix Theatres.

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