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Meet Dave Hire

So, I was getting ready for bed one night a month or so ago. (It was around 9PM, because for the job I held at that time at a big box home improvement store where you Save Big Money, I had to be up before 4AM.) While playing around on LinkedIn, I saw that Defiance County Economic Development had an opening for a Marketing And Office Coordinator.

Let me back up a bit…In my previous previous job, I was involved heavily in marketing and advertising as the Creative Services Director (Commercial Dude) for some of this area's most popular radio stations, Mix 98-1, 105.7 The Bull, Classic Hits 103.1 WNDH, and News Talk 1280 WONW. As part of iHeart Media's National Production Center, I wrote and produced radio commercials and promos for businesses across the country from mom and pop stores to major league sports teams. “NOW I know where I know that name!”, I hear you say.

Anyway, back to the story. I had worked with Erika Willitzer (my new boss) some years ago at the radio stations, so I sent her my resume. I expected a polite “Thank you for your interest” response, but the very next day, Erika indicated that she and Paige Johnson wanted me to come in for an interview. Long story short (or is it too late for that?), I am the brand new Marketing And Office Coordinator for Defiance County Economic Development.

Since I started here, I’ve figured out a number of things, including how to make really cool looking social media posts, how to create videos just like the big boys on TV, which way to go to get to the elevators, and most importantly, that the learning never stops and never will. I’ll be responsible for everything from website updates to pitching in on event planning and execution to helping create marketing campaigns for some great local businesses and organizations.

Erika and Paige have been awesome, and this office is working on a ton of things big and small to help make Defiance County an even better place to work and to do business. I’m truly blessed to be a part of it.

Now, are the elevators to the left or the right?

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