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The Village of Sherwood is Looking for a Change

Specifically turning some farmland into a new industrial park

According to Village of Sherwood officials and other members of the community, there are 39 acres of farmland that they hope to turn into a business mecca. “The village is working to find businesses that fit our rural community,” said Sherri Ramey, Sherwood Village administrator. “This could be some version of a manufacturing facility, agricultural-related business or even a new tech business.”

The land where the future industrial park is located is near both U.S. 127 and Ohio 18. Ramey said that locale is a wonderful logistical location for a business. “We offer an area that hundreds of people drive by on a daily basis and that gives a lot of attention to any business that would come in,” she said. Ramey added that Sherwood’s location is its greatest asset. “We are centrally located in Defiance County and two highways go right through our town,” she said. “We are also a wide-load route and just a few miles from State Route 24.”

County officials also are excited about the site. “The Defiance County Economic Development office is actively marketing the Sherwood Industrial Park for future

development, and we believe that the site is poised for growth,” said office officials in a statement. Village officials have been preparing for the industrial park for some time. “The village has spent the last few years upgrading its infrastructure for new business -- and residential growth that, hopefully, will follow the business,” Ramey said. There have been conversations with interested businesses and investors, but they were only inquiries into the site. Village officials said they are prepared to offer job creation incentives to prospective industries. They also are open to any other suggestions to attract businesses. Village officials are even open to non-typical businesses going into the location.

The land for the future industrial park is owned by Ron Kuhn. Anyone interested in acreage in the industrial park may call him at Kuhn truck & RV at 419-899-2020 or the village office at 419-899-2145. “Like anywhere else, we believe our town is a great location for any type of business,” Ramey said. “We are open to changes and welcome it.”

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