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BUSINESS OF THE YEAR - Keller Logistics Group

Keller Logistics Group began over 40 years ago as a single truck and trailer trucking company, and has since grown rapidly into a third party logistics provider consisting of affiliates: Keller Trucking, Keller Warehousing and Co-Packing, Keller Freight Solutions, and Keller Industrial Properties; including 300 trucks and 1,000 trailers, over 3 million square feet of warehouse space in 21 facilities across 10 states, and employs over 750 people.

Keller is a purpose-driven business who’s mission is to deliver for their people, who in turn deliver for their customers, which generates healthy financial results, providing the fuel to give back to communities. In 2022 alone, Keller impacted over 100 charitable organizations and events throughout the states they do business, contributing to the betterment of communities.

In addition, Keller’s in-house corporate philanthropy, Keller Assists Veterans in Crisis, or Operation K.A.V.I.C., has raised over $450,000 over the past 8 years to help Defiance County

veterans. They are also a Dream Partner with the Defiance Dream Center to provide workforce and leadership training to Defiance area students to combat generational poverty, and they donate funds generated by specifically wrapped trucks to initiatives supporting Autism Acceptance and Understanding, and Mental Health Awareness, as both causes have proven to be important to their employees and their families.

As the business grows, they strive to continue to provide an authentic, focused, and productive environment for employees to succeed in providing customers with solutions to their challenges, further providing the opportunities to truly impact communities.

Article & Photos Courtesy of Keller Logistics Group.

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