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Do You Know The 12 Ohio State Symbols?

Ohio Department of Natural Resource recently gathered all the symbols. There are several listed below:

12 State Symbols:

The State Bird: Cardinal

The State Insect: Ladybug

The State Tree: Buckeye tree

The State Gemstone: Ohio Flint

The State Invertebrate Fossil: Isotelus

The State Wildflower: White Trillium

The State Mammal: White-tailed deer

The State Native Fruit: Pawpaw

The State Amphibian: Spotted Salamander

The State Frog: Bullfrog

The State Fossil Fish: Dunkleosteus terrelli

The State Reptile: Black Racer Snake

ODNR has done a great job with their engagement efforts. They have videos featuring interesting facts about the plants, animals, and fossils that represent our state. There is also a downloadable coloring book featuring all 12 of the nature-based symbols.

For all the information...CLICK HERE!

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