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Four Flags of Freedom Ceremony to be held on Flag Day

First of 4 Mega Flags to be Raised to Pay Tribute to Veterans

Defiance, OH- Defiance County Economic Development is hosting a special ceremony to commemorate the first flag being raised of their Four Flags of Freedom Campaign. Nearly two years ago, Defiance County Economic Development’s Board decided to raise funds to establish the placement of Four Mega American Flags (30 x 60) to be placed along US 24 in Defiance County.

The "Four Flags of Freedom" special ceremony will take place on June 14th at 4:00 PM at the Keller Warehouse located at 25135 Commerce Drive. The dedication ceremony will feature reflections from guest speakers who helped make this project a reality, along with veteran testimonies of how serving this great nation impacted their lives and their families.

So, Why Four Flags? 

·         One American Flag to represent those currently serving

·         One American Flag for those who made it home safely

·         One American Flag for those who were injured in war

·         And the last flag represents those who didn’t make it home.

Assistant Executive Director Paige Wesche stated, “It has been a long-awaited occasion that will be truly magical once the flags take flight. I am thankful that we are finally able to make it happen.”

Following the ceremony, the community is invited to continue the celebration at the Defiance

Elks Lodge, 1760 Jefferson Ave., where refreshments will be served, and additional Flag Day activities will take place at 5:30 PM.


The below and above pictures are from a similar project in Illinois.

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