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Investor Spotlight- The Hicksville Bank

How our story began…

In October of 1901, shortly after the turn of the century, prominent citizens of Hicksville saw the need for a bank in the community. Upon application, a charter was granted to Mr. J.M. Ainsworth, Mr. I.M. Boone, and Mr. J.L. Bevington. The bank was first organized under “The Hicksville National Bank”.

Their vision was well conceived and the passing of the years saw the bank prosper. It alone, of the three Hicksville banks, survived The Great Depression of the 1930’s. In 1946, it was thought desirable to reorganize the bank upon a base of wider community ownership and stock subscription was opened for shares in The Hicksville Bank, chartered as a State Bank to succeed the National Bank.

In 1988, the bank opened its first branch located in Edgerton, Ohio. The bank’s second branch was opened for business in March of 1999 in Auburn, Indiana. Most recently, the bank opened a loan production office September of 2020 in Harlan, Indiana.

The Hicksville Bank mission and values…

There is nothing more important to THB than our customers. That is why we frequently review our products and services to make sure that we are providing what our customers need and want from a financial institution. Our slogan “Your Hometown Bank,” was chosen because it has more meaning to us than what might be obvious on the surface. To us, it means having the ability to make decisions locally and not in a home office far away as is the case with so many banks today. We know our customers, we live in the communities we serve and we invest in our communities to help make them better places to live, work and raise a family.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve your financial needs. From a broad selection of deposit and lending programs to the latest in technology, we are ready to make your banking experience an enjoyable one. Please don’t hesitate to call one of our banking professionals to discuss your needs. We will provide you with solutions quickly and tailored to your needs.

Few people realize…

Community banks are the heart of Main Street America. THB is one of the few true community banks surviving this challenging environment. Interestingly, THB is a subsidiary of Empire Bancshares, INC., an Ohio chartered holding company and Empire Bancshares stock is traded on the bulletin board portion of NASDAQ.

For more information about The Hicksville Bank, visit

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