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APackaging Group (APG), Coming to Defiance, Ohio

Defiance County Economic Development statement

(News Release 10-5-2021) Our office is so pleased to have a company of APG’s caliber coming to Defiance, Ohio. Our team is consistently looking at the long game when it comes to economic development strategy. We know we have a worker shortage currently where many employers might see attracting a new business into the County, as counterproductive. We understand the frustration. However, all our research shows that in 2025 the workforce will level out, and when that time comes Defiance County wants to be positioned where we can provide our residents with high paying positions.

Our Workforce & Marketing Manager Kortney Williams is currently working with APackaging Group (APG) to recruit their executive team members. After meeting with their Vice President of Operations John Allen, he made it clear he’d like to try and recruit for those top positions locally first. We think that says a lot about what kind of company APG is and wants to be in Defiance.

The APG is looking for plastic injection molding technician, maintenance, and a tooling technician to start. Other general labor positions will follow in the new year. If interested, please email:

Our office would also like to say none of this would have possible, had it not been for the vision of the City of Defiance’s Team, the Defiance Council and NAI Harmon Group. They have given our office an incredible tool/inventory to attract high paying jobs and companies to Defiance, which will ultimately change the footprint of community for the better in years to come. We thank them for their vision and always having Defiance’s Best Interest at Heart!

John Allen, Vice President of Operations APackaging Group (APG)

APackaging Group (APG), an international leader in the development, manufacture and packaging of cosmetics and beauty products. The California-based company is expected to hire 135 people to produce up to 500 million plastic dispensing pumps for the health and beauty industries. This investment is a $49 million manufacturing facility.


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