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Battle Clay Farm-Bee-Lieving

Meet one of our recent Homegrown Grant recipients: Battle Clay Farm. Dylan Westrick is a U. S. Navy veteran with a passion for healthy living. Dylan started Battle Clay Farm in 2018 as a certified organic produce and beekeeping operation. Today, Battle Clay Farm focuses solely on beekeeping and honeybee products. Dylan operates Battle Clay Farm from his home on Harris Road just outside Defiance. Battle Clay Farm produces honey, creamed honey (keep that in mind the next time you cook up some ribs!), beeswax products, pollen, and even bee venom. Battle Clay Farm products are currently available at The Mystical Moons in downtown Defiance and can be purchased directly from Dylan at Battle Clay Farm is one of the great local businesses that has benefitted from the Defiance County Economic Development Homegrown Grant program. When you choose Battle Clay Farm products, remember…Bee-lieving You Can Gets You Halfway There!

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