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From Passion to Action: How Hicksville’s Youth Are Taking Charge and Inspiring Others!

(By Executive Director - Erika Willitzer)

Age is just a number! This age-old saying holds true for the young minds of today. Often, society stereotypes them as lazy or incapable of achieving anything significant. But the truth is, we underestimate our youth when we shouldn't. Youngsters have a unique perspective on the world that allows them to think outside the box and come up with new ideas that can change the course of the future.

While at a Village of Hicksville Council meeting recently, two young Hicksville students stepped up to the podium and explained how they were part of a group called the Roosevelt Reagan Society. They explained to the council how they were unhappy with the current national political environment, so that’s why the group was formed. In addition to this, they also wanted their voices heard.

So how do they plan to have their voices heard? They are hosting a town hall style meeting where they are hosting a political forum where all four District 9 candidates who are running for the House of Representatives will be present to take on “only” Gen Z questions. Following the forum, there will be a short period of time where the adult audience will be able to ask the candidates questions.  But most of the time will be spent with the youth asking the questions of the candidates.

The event is going to be held January 25th at 6pm at Hicksville High School. The event is open to the public and free to attend.  On the students’ flyer it states that Hicksville is a small grassroots town, and it is important that towns like theirs are not overlooked. I love how they included this, but I also believe it shouldn’t be overlooked how these students from Hicksville High School are getting engaged with our local community, and our state leaders. When I hear this type of news, it makes me excited to know that we have up and comers who are going to continue to carry the torch for all that is good in this world. They still believe that amazing things can happen. Oh, and guess what, when local high school students are highly engaged in their communities, they tend to stick around when they get out of school, and that’s exactly what we want!

Jack Bourgeois and Rylen Basset (Founders)

Let us not forget that our young people embody potential. The next big idea or movement may come from somebody who many would deem too inexperienced or untested to make an impact. We must invest in their ideas, support their talents, and give them opportunities to thrive. Together, we can inspire our youth to make a change, which in turn, will change the world for the better. We should not underestimate the power of our youth, their ideas, and their capacity to lead the world to progress. I invite you to attend on January 25th. Hey, you never know - you might witness a future U.S. President in our midst.

One other quote noted on these students marketing flyer for the event, it states the following quote from Louis Brandeis, “The most important office, and the one which all of us can and should fill, is that of private citizen.” If we have students quoting that quote. I feel great about whose hands our futures will be in. Also, one final thought, our current local leaders/parents have done something right here if that’s what Hicksville students are advocating for!


(The two students that attended the Hicksville council meeting were Jack Bourgeois and Rylen Bassett. They are the two founders of the Roosevelt Reagan Society. Through the guidance of people such as State Rep. Jim Hoops, Lindsey Theil and Diane Zeigler they have been able to establish great things with this group. They also have another student, Elizabeth Thompson, a student at Defiance High School that is also heading the charge in her own school.)

Watch their video telling WHY, they created the group!

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