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Nemco Makes A Super Size Announcement

Updated: Apr 5

One of the largest food service companies on the planet is expanding in Hicksville. Here's the official announcement:

"Hicksville, Ohio – April 2, 2024 Nemco Food Equipment Announces 40,000 Square Foot Expansion to Hicksville Manufacturing Facility Nemco, a leading innovator in food preparation and warming equipment for the foodservice industry, is excited to announce a significant expansion of its manufacturing facility located in Hicksville, Ohio. The expansion, encompassing an additional 40,000 square feet, is a testament to Nemco's commitment to innovation, quality, and the growing demand for its products.

This expansion, which being built and managed by Briner Building, will enable Nemco to enhance its manufacturing capabilities, increase production efficiency, and incorporate new technologies into its processes. It also marks a significant investment in the local community, promising to create numerous job opportunities in the Hicksville area.

"Today marks a milestone in the history of Nemco Food Equipment," said Luke Moffatt, President at Nemco. "This expansion is not just about growing our physical space; it's about reaffirming our commitment to quality, innovation, our employees, and our customers. By increasing our manufacturing capabilities, we are ensuring that we can meet customer demands with the same high standards we've upheld for years. This expansion will help fuel our long-term growth goals over the next 10+ years.”

The expansion project is scheduled for a groundbreaking ceremony on April 16 at 1:30pm at 301 Meuse Argonne St, Hicksville, OH. The expected move in date for the new space is September 30. Once completed, the facility will not only feature state-of-the-art manufacturing and warehouse equipment but also environmentally friendly practices, aligning with Nemco's commitment to sustainability.

Nemco’s investment in its Hicksville facility is a clear signal of its dedication to the economic growth of Hicksville and the surrounding communities. “We had humble beginnings in this town back in 1976 when Nemco was started, and we are proud to still call this place home,” stated Luke Moffatt.

About Nemco Food Equipment: Nemco Food Equipment has been at the forefront of innovation in food preparation equipment for the foodservice industry. With a reputation for quality and efficiency, Nemco continues to develop products that simplify food preparation and service tasks, making operations run smoother, more efficiently and more profitably."

If you want to see everything Nemco does to "Make An Impact, Have Fun, Eat Well", visit their

website at!

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