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Rollercoaster Ride + 2021 = BLESSED!

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Executive Director Lists Out Accomplishments

2021 has been a crazy year and that’s a good thing. This was my first full year at Defiance County Economic Development Office. I’ve had curve balls thrown at me, learned a lot by jumping in the fire, and most importantly made some great partnerships and friends. I told our board at our regular November Board meeting that this year has been like riding a roller, but it did allow for cotton candy and skittle breaks! 😊 It’s true and it’s a ride…a ride I’d gladly do every year. Because it has allowed me to see the strength and courageous actions of Defiance County Business Leaders during this ugly pandemic.

I’m going to list our office’s major accomplishments, but it couldn’t be done without the support and teamwork of the Defiance County Team. This team is made up of people throughout the County that span from our local elected leaders to our vibrant business community members. Seriously, I’ve been amazed at the level of helpfulness our office has received in trying to get things accomplished. I’m beyond impressed.

For 2021 we have all collectively worked on just over $161 million in new investment into Defiance County.

The largest projects on the lists are as follows:

· EnviroKure LLC, Ohio near Hicksville ($22 million over 5 Years)

· Candela-Mark Center Solar Field, ($11.5 million)

· Keller Logistics Group, New Packaging Plant on E. Commerce in Defiance, ($7.1 million)

· Van Crest Health System – New facility in Hicksville ($15 million)

· A Packaging Group at Harmon Business Park in Defiance ($49 million)

· And we are close to announcing two other deals totaling $56 million. The two companies have confirmed they are coming to Defiance County, and we are expected to announce the names in the first quarter of 2022.

So, what is in the works for 2022? We have formalized our HomeGrown program, which will actively grow Defiance County from within. Our goal is to provide more resources to the locally established companies. Just to name a few program details: e-commerce, search engine optimization, analyzation of customer base and direct competition. The most expansive resource will be workforce assistance. Our goal is to go after grants that can assist companies with these items and more. (More to be announced soon.)

One last thing and the most important….With Thanksgiving just around the corner. I’m so thankful for this year because it put me in the daily lives of people I truly enjoy being around. Our team at Defiance County Economic Development not only is one of the most productive teams, I’ve been part of, but they care about people, and the Defiance Community as a whole. Kortney Williams, our Workforce & Marketing Manager and Sonya Herber, our Office Manager are hands down “Dynamite”. They understand we are here to serve the community and work for a higher purpose.

I’m thankful for a terrific 2021 and can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for all of us. I can only imagine it will be blessed.


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