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Sugar On Top By Mari-If You Knew Lily...

Sugar On Top By Mari is another of our Homegrown Grant recipients. Owner Marilyn Valle tells the story of this sweet new business:

“Baking has always been something I’ve enjoyed doing. I have so many great memories of being in the kitchen with my Mom as a little girl. If you knew “Lily” then you know she was the absolute best. I learned so much from her. Mom and I would talk often about opening up a place. Her cooking Puerto Rican food and me baking cakes and cookies.

When she passed away in December of 2020 it was a very difficult time for me. I wanted to give up on my dream of opening up a kitchen for us. I wanted to quit so many times. Thankfully I have 2 amazing sons (Matty & MJ) and my husband Marcus who were always there for me. I truly couldn’t have done this without them.

So today I’m so happy and blessed to announce “Sugar On Top by Mari” is no longer a dream but a reality and is open for business. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our journey. We did it Mom 💚”

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